vineri, 11 martie 2016

Arabella McIntyre-Brown: Abandon it all and move to the mountains

Arabella McIntyre-Brown
This is what Arabella McIntyre-Brown experienced when she decided to move from Liverpool, London, to Magura, a remote, yet breathtaking Transylvanian village, right in the depths of mountainous splendor. 

But the 58 years old writer abandoned solely her blue past in order to recover in the Romanian haven she calls her home, where she found inspiration as well as happiness inbetween the fresh morning dew and ruminations of the sheeps. 

“The mysterious, beyond the veil place” represented for her a challenge at first, because of all sorts of rumours, such as religious cults or going to tarmac the hill. None of these kept Arabella back from the love she felt for Magura, where she is still living, teaching village children English, editing and writing, and never being alone with such caring neighbours and friends.

Arabella was enchanted by Magura when she travelled there with a group of tourists. That was when the collision happened: Arabella’s longing for a change in her life, with a feeling of attachment to the place, mingled perfectly in Magura village. And when inspiration alongside with a feeling of belonging to a place are luring you, it is imperative to yield to it. 

What started as a holiday plan, turned into a settle desire as soon as the connection with the region could not be interrupted thanks to cordial neighbours, fascinating scenery, soul quietness and community involvement. 
Andrea Bocskor 
Content Producer TEDxBrasov

Arabella teaches us one of the most important lessons in life, which is no matter where you come from or where you go, you will always find a home, a place to belong, where all your wounds will heal and your dreams will come to reality. You just have to keep searching for it.